Home Buyer Club

Managing property is easy when you partner with a company like Texans Dream Realty

You don't have to worry about leasing headaches ever again. We handle every aspect of managing your rental property. And, if you're ever dissatisfied with the service you've received, we offer the strongest guarantees in the property management industry!

"When I self-managed my rentals I sometimes had lengthy vacancies and Texans Dream Management simply gets them rented faster and with better results." - Dennis Henshaw, Home Owner

Texans Dream’s Home Buyer Program

Just for choosing Texans Dream and paying your rent every month you automatically earn credit towards the purchase of a home.

Texasns Dream Realty Property Management, Inc. is offering this great program to new and existing residents.

You will automatically receive a credit of one-tenth (1/10) of your monthly rent payment toward your down payment or closing costs when buying a new or pre-owned home at the end of your lease agreement!

The Details:

  • You are automatically enrolled when you rent a home through Texans Dream Realty.

    There are no costs or fees charged to you for using this program.

  • You can earn a Maximum credit of 12 months.

  • You must have a Texans Dream Realty Management, Inc. Realtor® as your Buyers Agent to redeem your credit.

  • The home purchase only qualifies if the listing contains a sales commission of no less than 3% of the total purchase price to be paid at closing to Texans Dream Realty Property Management, Inc. by the Sellers or Builders of the home.

  • Credits expire 12 months from when they are earned and will be credited if the monthly lease payments are timely.

  • Credit can apply to any real estate purchase of any new or pre-owned home located in located in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

  • Credit will be applied at the time of closing.

This program has no cash value, is non-transferable and cannot be applied to any other type of real estate transaction. If the tenants lease agreement is breached all credits will be forfeited. Our professional Realtors look forward to helping guide you through the entire process of purchasing your home from obtaining financing to closing.

For More Information, Call: +1 (832) 519-9733 or Email: info@texansdreamrealty.com