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Texans Dream Realty Property Management Inc. has a team of professional Realtors who make it simple to find the perfect home for sale in the Greater Houston Area using their proven simple steps.

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Benefits of Hiring a Realtor


Buying a Home

  • Our Realtors are well-trained employing simple steps making your home buying experience a breeze!


  • Our Realtors will help guide you every step of the way by providing you with helpful information on homes and neighborhoods that isn’t easily accessible to the public.


  • Our Realtors offers you valuable knowledge in home buying process, negotiating skills, and familiarity with the area helping you purchase your dream home!


  • Hiring Texans Dream Realtors doesn’t cost you anything! The Buyer’s agent is compensated from the commission paid by the seller. Having a representation will help you negotiate price and repairs.


  • Our Realtors can help “read between the lines” when talking to a Seller’s agent and may be able to find things out about the Seller, the Seller’s motivation, or the Seller’s willingness to help pay closing costs, things that the Seller’s agent would not say directly to a buyer.

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Know Your Buying Power!

Seasoned home buyers know that one of the first-steps in beginning a successful search for a new house is taking a hard look at their finances. Knowing how much money you can allocate to the purchase of your new home affects every aspect of your home buying such as how offers are written, qualifying for a mortgage program of choice and shopping for the best mortgage loan.

Calculate Your Monthly Mortgage Payment Using the Free Calculator Below

We help you save thousands dollars by helping you secure the right financing.

We are able to assist you in finding the best possible interest rate at the best terms. We have helped buyers have lower monthly payments and saved thousands of dollars off their loan by reviewing and finding them the best financing options for them.

Are you ready to secure a loan?

Our Realtors will assist in Securing Your Financing. We have partner lenders who can assist you every step of the way.

Your next step is to get prequalified for a mortgage. This step will require you to provide your financial information such as your income, checking and savings as investment portfolios you own. Every penny counts!

A pre-approval letter will be provided to you by your lender of choice. This letter will make your offer stronger and solid.

Are you ready to secure a loan?

When you are purchasing a home, and have an experienced, when you are purchasing a home, and having one of our experienced, responsive mortgage bankers assist you can make the process much easier. Every homebuyer has their own priorities when choosing a mortgage. Some are interested in keeping their monthly payments as low as possible. Others are interested in making sure that their monthly payments never increase. And still others pick a loan based on the knowledge they will be moving again in just a few years.

Need a Lender?

A pre-approval letter can help you save thousands of dollars when negotiating the price.

Not only will a preapproval letter let you know your buying power, but it’s also excellent negotiation tool.

When it’s time to submit an offer, having a preapproval letter from your lender helps your agent negotiate the best deal possible.

If a seller has multiple offers on his property, he’s more likely to accept the offer from the buyer that has a preapproved letter or negotiate a better deal.

A pre-approval letter helps you negotiate the best price possible as the seller knows if they reach an agreement with you that you will be able to close on the transaction.